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Prototype Development & Molding Process

At JESilicone, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive and efficient mold and prototype manufacturing service for silicone products. Our focus is on optimizing mold productivity, streamlining the product development process, and enhancing the appearance and performance of our silicone products.

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Well-designed mold optimizes the productivity of the mold

Our prototyping process begins with meticulous mold design, ensuring each product has high manufacturability. A well-crafted mold design contributes to superior part quality, and optimal cycle times, and maximizes the productivity of the mold, resulting in efficient and cost-effective production.

Our innovative “Micromold” technique, which allows us to produce real molded silicone prototypes within a short time frame (typically one week). This involves customizing a single-cavity metal mold for the prototype.

Surface treatments improve tool performance & life span and enhance silicone parts’ appearance

Proper treatment of the mold’s surface is key to silicone product quality, product hand comfortability, appearance, corrosion resistance, tool life, increase performance, reduce wear, etc.

At JESilicone, widely applied tool mold surface treatments during silicone product development include:

Polish: a technique that helps to obtain smooth mold surfaces
Texture: adding a pattern (the texture or grain) to the mold surface
Plating/Coating: add a layer of protection to the mold surface
Sand Blasting: remove paint, rust, and residue from oxidation, remove scratches or casting marks on the mold surface, and reach a better appearance of silicone parts

Prototype Making, bring your design into a real product

Once the tooling is finished, we will be able to produce physical prototypes for confirmation. We will check the functionality and critical dimensions before we ship the parts to customers for inspection and additional testing.

Customers are able to see their concept, or idea into a handheld product that allows them to see, touch and test the function. Necessary adjustments can be made as required. We will conduct a second mold revilement, and again ship improved parts to you for inspection, as required.
Please note that once our mold and parts meet the customer requirement, but the customers request part changes for their reason, requests can normally be accomplished, but are the customer’s responsibility.

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Mixing Process
Molding Process
Molding Process

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