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Silicone Stomach Tube

Our silicone stomach tube is a drainage tube used to provide nutrition, specially designed to supplement the stomach of patients who cannot eat in a normal way, by inserting.

  • Made of premium grade imported silicone material, non-toxic, non-irritant.
  • Great variety of size available from 4 – 20 FR for infant, child and adult.
  • Proper softness, excellent flexibility and also easy insertion.
  • Can be used long term, Sterilized double package.
  • Certification: FDA/LFGB/ISO13485/ISO10993/CE.
  • Packaging Details: 10PCS/BOX, 200/400/500PCS/CTN, Can also be customized according to customer needs.

100% Silicone Stomach Tube (Gastric Feeding Tubes) with FDA ISO Approved

Structure of silicone stomach gastric tube

The silicone stomach tube is assembled with a guide head, a round tube and a cavity head. The guide head is smooth and easy to insert into the human body. There are four side holes at the tip of the tube for pumping gastric juice or injecting liquid. There is a blue line on the round tube for doctors to detect the tube. Looking at the insertion position, the cavity head is filled with liquid food, and the cavity head cover can be blocked to prevent outflow.

Uses of silicone stomach tube

1. Gastrointestinal nutritional support for patients with normal digestive function but unable to swallow effectively: dysphagia in patients with cerebral palsy, gastrointestinal decompression in Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Gastric lavage for drug poisoning rescue.

3. The effect of extracting gastric juice in the treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Product Features:

Silicone stomach tube is mainly used for gastric lavage, nutrient solution perfusion and gastric decompression during operation in medical units.

1. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, non-toxic, non-irritant.
2. Perfectly finished side eyes and closed distal end for less hurt to esophagean mucous membrane.
3. High transparency, not easy to turn yellow, long term use.
4. Radio opaque line through the length for X-ray visualization.
5. Appropriate degree of hardness provides kink resistance,safe and convenient to use.
6. Soft, anti-distortion, no deformation, good resilience
7. The surface is smooth without burrs, excellent sealing performance, with scale and X-ray development line
8. Atraumatic rounded closed tip
9. high and low temperature resistant, from -80℃ to 250℃
10. Length: 1200mm
11. With EO Sterile
12. The longest retention time shall not exceed 30 days.

features of silicone stomach tube
smooth surface without burrs
high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless
soft, anti-distortion,no-deformation
high and low temperature resistant

Product Certificates

bsci certificates
bsci certificates
Skin sensitization Test
Skin sensitization Test Report
Skin Irritation Test
Skin Irritation Test Report
pyrogenicity test
Pyrogenicity Test Report
haemolysis test
Haemolysis Test Report
MTT cytotoxicity test
MTT Cytotoxicity Test Report

Why Choose JESilicone for Medical Silicone Supplier

Medical Silicone Manufacturer

Medical Silicone Products Over 20 Years Manufacturer

JE Medical is a globe-leading medical silicone solutions provider. Our medical silicone products cover a wide range of applications including hospital surgery, medical device manufacture, implantable medical devices, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery, etc. So whether you need medical-grade silicone sheeting, tubing, or custom silicone solutions, we have the expertise, experience, and medical silicone molding techniques to deliver top-quality products and be your silicone manufacturer of choice that will meet the high standards of the medical industry.

The company has obtained ISO13485, ISO10993, BSCI, CE certifications, and has the ability to provide any customized medical silicone products or accessories according to your needs.

Our Company Advantages

why choose us - 20 years oem/odm experience

Industry Experience

JESilicone began to design and manufacture silicone products in 2007

factory scale

Factory Scale

We have 6,000 square meters of factory, with 100 housand class medical clean room, silicone extrusion production line, silicone molded products production line, LSR workshop and more than 30 advanced equipments.

silicone production line

OEM / ODM Service

We provide full-service of customization, from new product ideas to finished product, and we have more than 10000 successful customized silicone mold opening.

silicone product scope

Product Scope

We can manufacture a wide range of silicone products which includes food & madical grade silicone tube, medical silicone device, foamed products, silicone gaskets, grommets, sleeves, cases, strips, o-rings and other special customized silicone molded parts.

silicone company R & D

R & D Team

We have experienced R&D team who can provide complete solutions to reduce unnecessary cost of the products, shorten the new product development time and improve performance of silicone components

silicone product quality inspection

Quality Assurance

Advanced testing equipment as well as strictly supervise the quality inspection of raw materials, production and product quality to ensure that the pass rate of products is above 98%.

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