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JESilicone has been in the medical industry for decades and specializes in selling and manufacturing a range of medical drainage tubes, such as silicone gastric feeding tube, silicone flat perforated drains, silicone reservoir, cross drainage tube, brain drainage system, etc. We also provide personalized medical drainage solutions to protect human health. Our Silicone Drains have been certified by ISO10993, can be used in any operating procedure including general surgery, breast surgery, orthopaedic surgery, hand and micro surgery, gynaecological surgery and plastic surgery.
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Wound Drainage Tubes & Accessories

Our Silicone wound drainage tube is a flexible, biocompatible medical device designed to remove fluids, blood, pus, or air from a surgical site or wound to prevent infection, reduce swelling, and promote healing. These tubes are widely used in various medical settings, including post-operative care, to promote healing and prevent complications. They are crucial in post-operative care and in the management of chronic or acute wounds.

medical drainage tube production line
Medical drainage tube production line

Why Use Silicone For Drainage Tube?

Silicone is a preferred material for drainage tubes due to several properties that make it particularly suitable for medical application.

1. Biocompatibility, Non-reactive and Low Irritation
Silicone is biocompatible, meaning it does not react adversely with body tissues. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions, inflammation, and other immune responses. Silicone is also gentle on tissues, minimizing irritation and discomfort for the patient.

2. Soft and Flexible
Silicone is soft and flexible, which enhances patient comfort and reduces the likelihood of tissue damage or pressure sores at the insertion site.

3. Durability and Stability
Silicone tubes are less likely to kink or collapse, ensuring continuous drainage without interruption. Silicone is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and temperature variations, which makes it durable and long-lasting even in the challenging environments of the human body.

4. Ease of Monitoring
Many silicone tubes are clear, allowing healthcare providers to easily monitor the fluid’s color, consistency, and volume.

5. Sterilization and Hygiene
Silicone can be easily sterilized without degrading its properties, making it safe for use in sterile environments. Silicone tends to have a low affinity for bacterial adhesion, reducing the risk of infection.

6. Customizable
Silicone drainage tubes can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes, and configurations (e.g., perforated or non-perforated, flat or round) to suit specific medical needs and surgical procedures.

7. Non-Toxic
Silicone is non-toxic and does not leach harmful substances, making it safe for both short-term and long-term use in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

A surgical drain allows the fluid to flow out. The doctor puts a thin, flexible rubber tube into the area of your body where the fluid is likely to collect. The rubber tube carries the fluid outside your body. The most common type of surgical drain carries the fluid into a collection bulb that you empty.

The 100% Silicone catheter is a urinary catheter made entirely out of silicone. They contain no latex, which makes them ideal for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.

100% Silicone catheters come in many different types and styles, including Foley, intermittent, and coude tip catheters.

  • Chest pleural drainage.
  • Chest surgery.
  • Lymph node clearance procedure for malignancy.
  • Breast surgery.
  • Abdominal surgery.
  • Thyroid surgery.
  • Plastic surgery flap procedures.

Having a drain removed usually does not hurt, but it can feel rather odd as the tubing slides out of the body.

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