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Engineering Support Service for Custom Silicone Products

At JE SILICONE, we provide professional engineering service and silicone product designs for our clients.

We understand the importance of collaboration and communication throughout the custom silicone product development process. Our service aims to assist our customers during the earliest stages of product ideation, ensuring the design is optimized for seamless manufacturing and enhanced functional performance.

Step1: Requirements And Cooperation

When you approach us with a new silicone product concept or idea, or even a draft without a 3D CAD drawing, collaboration becomes the first step.

We support our customers early in the product design stage, sharing valuable suggestions to optimize custom silicone part designs for seamless manufacturing and enhanced functional performance. We will try to insure all the silicone products what you designed can pass the quality test.

Our rich experienced engineer team seamlessly integrates with yours, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your product requirements. Through extensive discussions and meticulous attention to detail, our design and manufacturing engineers ensure that your design aligns with processing requirements and is consistently produced with utmost efficiency. Our comprehensive design concept review guarantees a thorough grasp of your specific design, engineering, and manufacturing needs. Experience the power of collaborative partnership and unlock the full potential of your products with our unmatched expertise.

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Step2: Make Product 3D Drawing

Our highly skilled engineers collaborate closely with customers during the initial stages of designing customized silicone parts. Through effective communication, we work together to develop 3D files based on the finalized design, ensuring a mutual agreement is reached. The 2D or 3D CAD modeling is then shared with the customer for thorough review, providing an opportunity to identify any areas that may require revisions.

Step3: Design For Manufacture (DFM) Review And Design Adjustments

At JESilicone, we prioritize Design for Manufacture (DFM) to streamline production processes and minimize waste. Before providing a quote for custom silicone rubber parts, it is crucial for our engineering team to review a finalized 3D design. Accepted file formats include STEP/STP, IGES/IGS, PRT, X_T, and SLDPRT.

For customers with existing 3D design, DFM becomes a vital aspect of optimizing silicone part design. Our experienced engineering team conducts a comprehensive, detail-oriented analysis of your product. Through this assessment, we identify areas where design modifications can enhance part functionality, optimize the molding process, and deliver superior-quality parts.

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Step4: Material Selection & Color Matching

Silicone rubber materials are available in numerous formulations, each tailored to specific applications. It is crucial to select the most suitable material for your project to ensure optimal performance and durability. We encourage you to inform us in advance about your specific application requirements, allowing our team to recommend the ideal material that aligns with your needs.

In addition to material selection, color matching plays a significant role in the aesthetics and brand identity of your product. We offer a wide range of vibrant and customizable colors to meet your design preferences. Our color matching experts ensure precise color consistency throughout the production process, guaranteeing that your silicone parts align with your desired visual presentation.


Step5: Cost Review

During the new product design phase, our engineer will also discuss with your team your target price and annual expected product volume. The price can vary depending on customized silicone product’s size, weight, and complexity.

Our engineers will make recommendations including material selection, structure analysis, mold cavities, surface finish within your budget.

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